Article 78. Powers and duties of the Commission

78.1. Plenary Power

The Commission is empowered, by a resolution of the IX International Congress of Zoology (1913) and ratified in subsequent Codes by its successors, under conditions specified in Article 81 to suspend the application in a particular case of any provision of the Code except those in the present and next succeeding Chapter. The course to be followed is decided by the Commission under this plenary power and its ruling is published in an Opinion [Art. 80.2].

78.2. Specific powers

78.2.1. The Commission may, under procedures specified in Article 79, establish a List of Available Names in Zoology and may adopt Parts of the List (for the status of names in the List of Available Names in Zoology, and the name-bearing types of the nominal taxa the names denote, see Article 79.4).

78.2.2. When an Article of the Code requires an author to refer a nomenclatural matter to the Commission for a decision, the Commission shall determine the matter as is required by the relevant Articles and publish its ruling in an Opinion [Art. 80.2].

78.2.3. The Commission, on its own initiative [Art. 83] or when a case is referred to it, may interpret or apply the provisions of the Code to any question of zoological nomenclature, and give a ruling in an Opinion [Art. 80.2].

78.2.4. The Commission may establish and maintain an Official Register of Zoological Nomenclature (ZooBank), to record essential information about works, names and nomenclatural acts. The Official Register of Zoological Nomenclature may be maintained in electronic or paper form. The Official Lists and Official Indexes may be maintained in the Official Register.

78.3. Amendments to the Code

78.3.1. The Commission shall consider under procedures prescribed in its Constitution any proposals made to it for the amendment of the Code.

78.3.2. When the Commission determines by two-thirds of the votes validly cast that a proposed amendment to the Code is not a major change but merely clarifies a provision of the Code, it may issue a Declaration (a provisional amendment to the Code) subject to the provisions of Article 80.1.

78.3.3. The Commission may not issue a Declaration on any proposal that would be a major change of the Code.

78.4. Other duties

The Commission shall

78.4.1. consider any application for the review of a decision by the Commission;

78.4.2. enter in the relevant Official Lists and Indexes the names and works that have been the subject of rulings by the Commission in its Opinions (including Official Corrections);

78.4.3. report through publication in the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature on matters concerning zoological nomenclature and of general concern to zoologists;

78.4.4. submit reports on its work to the international body having authority over it [Art. 77]; and

78.4.5. discharge such other duties as that international body in consultation with the Commission may determine.